APRIL 18-23


Greenleaf State Park

Braggs, Oklahoma


greenleaf old time music association & festival

We are a group of musicians who love Old Time American fiddle and dance tunes; arguably amongst the oldest of American music.  We have formed the Greenleaf Old Time Music Association (GLOTMA.org) in Oklahoma, to introduce and foster the love of playing this music to the younger generation, thus keeping it alive for all to enjoy for many years to come in this region of the country.

By creating this festival, we seek to create a welcoming environment for people to gather together, make new friends, jam and trade tunes.    This is a laid-back environment by design.  We have no formal stages or rigid schedules.  We place a high priority on jams whether planned or spontaneous (organic), in any size of group from two to a dozen or more.  Jamming with others helps form the bond of a music in common for people who may have nothing else in common.  Whether you have been playing your whole life, or just learning, there is always opportunity to learn a new tune, a new technique or a new instrument in the old-time genre.

We bring in internationally known artists to teach workshops in the craft of playing old time music. Unlike many other workshops that teach you just one tune, our workshops give you the tools, hands-on practice, and understanding to play many tunes either by yourself or with others. Besides the workshops, our artists will also be “on the ground” playing right beside you in impromptu jams. Some workshops offered include old time backup guitar, fiddle chording, and old time banjo. Attend any or all, and workshops are FREE!

As an added bonus, yes, of course, our guest artists will provide a concert “in the round” in the evening around supper time.

Yes! this is a free festival!  Anyone is welcome!
Will you help share this great experience?

barrett richard shirley jim fiddle

Our Committee:
Glen Schmidt
Shirley Adams
Mike Long
Rosie Gorrell
Carol Young
Lorri Westbrook
Jeff Worley


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artist lineup

David Bragger and Susan Platz

David Bragger has become a ubiquitous figure in traditional American folk music. He is a musician, documentarian, UCLA ensemble director, 78rpm record collector, musical festival director and co-founder of the independent folk label Tiki Parlour Recordings. Having learned the “old-time” art of fiddling directly from two generations of traditional masters, David has been passing down these archaic musical secrets and sounds to fiddlers and banjo players worldwide. His critically-acclaimed debut CD Big Fancy instantly put him on the traditional music map and paved the way for his groundbreaking sophomore release.

Susan Platz, originally from Illinois, has been singing and playing the violin all her life. She holds a degree in music from Lawrence University, and became a permanent member of the old-time band Sausage Grinder after years of studying fiddle with David Bragger. Her bowing rhythms and harmonies fit hand in glove with David’s fiddle and banjo. Susan serves as the Director’s Assistant in the UCLA Old-Time String Band Ensemble, and is a two-time winner of the Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention. She is also a powerful singer known to yodel on occasion. Susan and David collaborated to release the first-ever old-time fiddle duet album, King’s Lament. Having forged a powerhouse old-time duo with David, she has been invited to teach and perform fiddle duets across the US and abroad.

In 2018, Bragger and fiddler Susan Platz released the American old-time fiddle duet CD: King’s Lament–Old-Time Fiddle Duets.
David has also recorded and performed with artists as diverse as Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham, Hog-eyed Man, Rafe Stefanini, Social Distortion, Paula Poundstone, Greg Graffin, and also provided the banjo and fiddle solos for the western feature film “Gone Are The Days.” David has also produced, directed and recorded over 27 CDs and video projects for Tiki Parlour Recordings.  Visit David’s Website

Spencer and Rains

We are thrilled to have this duo back a second year

 Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains are an old-time folk music duo who were brought up in the music of their families. Tricia is a Kansas fiddler who learned knee to knee from her grandparents and other master musicians in the Midwest. Howard is an artist and fiddler from Texas, now living in Kansas, who comes from a family rich in both of those traditions. They met in 2012 and blended their fiddle sounds into a unique voice in old-time music.  They are also both artists, Howard in watercolor and Tricia in pen and ink, and their artwork weaves in closely with their music.

Visit their website      Visit their patreon site

Howard and Tricia helped kick start the first year of our festival in 2022.  Their passion for regional music in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas make them a perfect fit for Greenleaf.


just added for the thursday night concert

roadside distraction

gretchen priest and emily wilson

Roadside Distraction is a musical duo featuring Gretchen Priest on Fiddle and Emily Wilson on Mandolin. A melting pot of Appalachian & Irish among other traditional styles; yet going beyond trad into mysterious and whimsical.  Their Album project is released February 15th 2023. Joining the troupe on April tour is Daniel Charlton on Guitar and also featuring flatfoot dancer and percussionist, Jeremy Blaes… “the Blaze” .

About Gretchen Priest: Born in IN; Living in Nashville, TN since 1995. She toured with Celtic rock band, “Ceili Rain” and bluegrass band, “Crucial Smith”. Performed on the Grand Ole Opry, and with various artists including Kathy Mattea, Joy Lynn White, Manhattan Transfer, Lyle Lovett, Charlie McCoy, and she played for the Pope! She has taught at many camps over the years including Alaska Trad Music Camp, Texas Acoustic Music Camp, Nashcamp, CO Roots Camp, Steve Kaufman’s Camp, and Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp. She is the founder & Director of the Musical Heritage Center, AKA… the Fiddle & Pick since 2008; hosting traditional music events with workshops and concerts by expert instructors. She teaches private lessons and leads inclusive multi-level jams, sessions and classes. Gretchen loves playing tunes for dancers; Contra, flatfootin’, Irish dance. She currently performs with the “Nashville Irish Trio”; Eamonn Dillon (pipes & whistle), Robert Johnson (guitar & bouzouki).Tours with eclectic bluegrass artist, Erinn Peet- Lukes. Gretchen’s “PLAIDGRASS” CD shows her fiddle skill in Bluegrass, Old-Time & Irish. 

Emily Wilson teaches mandolin and violin at American Music School in Lakewood,CO . She started playing as a kid, piano at 5, fiddle at 9, mandolin around 13. She started college in Durango and later transferred to Metropolitan State University of Denver where she completed a BA in music.  She is currently playing with the bluegrass band Out of Nowhere. She is constantly working on new and varied projects and when not working with a band will disappear on weekends to festivals in NM. KS, and Kentucky.

Jeremy Blaes is a Winfield favorite on flat-footing, washboard & bones.  Emily & Gretchen love backing his dance and watch the crowds draw in.  Gretchen says “Mr. Blaze is captivating with his unique style and he can dance longer than any dancer I have played fiddle for!.  Emily is our shiny object , and Jeremy is our secret weapon!”

Daniel Charlton is a multi-instrumentalist who plays a wide variety of styles. He began playing guitar at age 11 and fell in love with traditional Irish music 2 years later. He studied classical guitar at Peabody Conservatory, graduating with a bachelor of music in 2007. He played guitar in Maryland-based Irish bands Ash & Rowan and Kilshanny, as well as in a bluegrass and old-time duo with mentor Orrin Star, winner of the national flat pick guitar and mandolin championships. Since moving to Nashville in 2014, Daniel has focused primarily on Irish and old-time mandolin. He currently works as the Director of Tree Trust for Friends of Warner Parks, and he performs regularly with fiddlers Gretchen Priest-May and Becca Darling.


workshops & SCHEDULE

We bring in internationally known artists to teach workshops in the craft of playing old time music. Unlike many other workshops that teach you just one tune, our workshops give you the tools, hands-on practice, and understanding to play many tunes either by yourself or with others. 
Workshops will be held in the big “SIEMENS” tent in Deer Run campground. 
Attend any or all, and workshops are FREE! 

Thursday April 20, 2023 
1:00 – Intro to Yodeling – with Susan Platz
Ever wished you could yodel like in the old cowboy songs? Try your hand at the “low-down high-up vocal trickery” of yodeling! Susan Platz will gently guide you into this world of vocal gymnastics by learning some classic blue yodels from Jimmie Rodgers. This workshop is for beginners – no yodeling experience is necessary! It’s the perfect opportunity to release your inner yodeler in a fun, supportive class. Hope to see you there! 

2:00 – Fiddle Tunes of Oklahoma/California Fiddler Earl Collins-with David Bragger
In this workshop, David will present a couple great Earl Collins tunes and teach the tunes phrase-by-phrase will all of the glorious Collins bowing!
These tunes were passed down to David from Tom Sauber who learned them directly from Earl Collins. Let’s keep this precious tradition alive and bring them back to Oklahoma!

Friday April 21, 2023 
1:00 – Fundamentals of Old-Time Clawhammer Banjo-with David Bragger
David Bragger will teach the fundamental technique(s) for playing “clawhammer” banjo. David will also demonstrate some wonderful old-time tunes. This workshop is designed for beginners to the style, as well as 3-finger bluegrass players who are curious to try out the most popular form of old-time banjo played today! Bring your 5-string banjo and don’t forget your “claw!”

2:00 – Old-Time Fiddle Bowing Rhythms and Bow Rockin’-with David Bragger
In this workshop, David Bragger will cover bowing techniques used by classic old-time fiddlers including Earl Collins (OK), Tommy Jarrell, Edden Hammons, Uncle Bunt Stephens, John Salyer, Mel Durham and many others. 

Saturday April 22, 2023 
10:00 am – Ozark Traditions of Old Time Fiddling-with Michael and Tenley Fraser
Michael & Tenley Fraser are working musicians (Shortleaf Band) living in the Missouri Ozarks and sharing their music and storytelling throughout their travels educating and entertaining audiences about the history, culture and music of the Ozark Mountains.  Michael was selected by the late Bob Holt, and the Missouri Arts Council to serve as an apprentice to learn, and carry on the art of Ozark Square Dance Fiddling.   Tenley joined the Shortleaf Ban in 2006 adding lead vocals, keyboard, guitar and fiddle.  She performed in musical theatre in high school and college, and toured professionally in a USO tour.
The workshop will focus on the origins of old-time fiddle music and its relationship with Ozark culture.

1:00 – Old-time Back-up Guitar-with Howard Rains
Howard will teach his approach to playing back-up guitar for the fiddle. Although his style is rooted in the midwestern back-up style, his approach is applicable to backing up all styles of American fiddling. He will discuss “Missouri Rules” as well as how he accompanies different regional styles. The importance of the boom-chuck and bass runs will be discussed as well as how to listen for different regional fiddle styles and how to make your playing fit within the style being played.

2:00 – Old-time Fiddle-with Tricia Spencer
Tricia will teach her approach to old-time fiddle built upon the shortcuts her grandma, Iona Spencer, showed her when she was young. These are things every fiddler should know but maybe haven’t picked up along the way. She will also unlock the mysteries of seconding, which allows a fiddler to focus on bowing, intonation, and learning tunes more quickly through the use of chord shapes. All tunes and techniques will be learned by ear, so be sure to bring a recording device, paper and pen if you want to take notes, and expect to have a lot of fun.


concert in the campgrounds

Our artists will provide a concert “in the round” at the big “SIEMENS” tent in the Deer Run campground.  We have no formal stage; instead, we feel it is more engaging to have a performance right in the campgrounds.  We invite you to bring a chair and your own food and enjoy an early evening concert around supper time. 

Thursday April 20, 2023 
6:45 – Door Prizes – must be present to win!
7:00 – Concert, Roadside Distraction
Friday April 21, 2023 
6:45 – Door Prizes – must be present to win!
7:00 – Concert, David Bragger & Susan Platz (may be joined by Spencer and Rains)
Saturday April 22, 2023 
6:00 – Grand Prize “Music Warms the Heart” Festival Quilt Drawing – need not be present to win
7:00 – Concert, Spencer and Rains (may be joined by Bragger and Platz)

Festival quilt and door prizes

Our “crafty” artists have been hard at work to come up with some great items. 
Be sure to buy tickets for our nightly door prizes when you get to the festival. We will have drawings Thursday, Friday & Saturday! There will be CD’s, music books, handmade items, & a special Greenleaf necklace! The grand prize “Music Warms the Heart” quilt will be given away Saturday! Tickets just $2 at the Information table. All proceeds go to GLOTMA!

greenleaf old time music fest t-shirts

Our old time banjo playing graphic artist Morgan Carnes has been hard at work alongside our committee to come up with a T-shirt design.  

t-shirt front

t-shirt back

Shirley Adams at t-shirt@glotma.org


The pre-order period has expired.
We will not have a selection of shirts at the festival.
A second round of orders will be taken after the festival and mailed for $5.

  •  S M L XL $30
  • 2XL $32
  • 3XL $34
  • TALLS XLT, 2XLT $34

Please choose a color and size for your first shirt

For multiple shirts, fill out below; otherwise leave as "NONE" and hit SEND



why don't we charge for the festival?

What's the catch??

Yes, we know….you are wondering this, as are many others.  Well, it is simple, really; we have some very committed people who already see what we have been able to do, such as the jams we hold and the methods we go about to pass the music on.  They all embrace that there need to be no barriers to anyone to come and find out about old time music in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas and other surrounding states in the central US.  They also saw last year how great it was to meet new people, and start new friendships in music.  So they donated money to help us out.  Greenleaf #1 was accomplished for $1500 or so.  It was highly successful.  So we shot a lot higher, asked people if they would support a much higher goal and within 24 hours we had the money to have two artists.  We are conservative and did not hire our second set of artists until we had the money in hand to do so. 
Festival 2023 was fully funded by December 2022, all thanks to about 15 people who stepped up and helped out in a big way.   
We also want to enjoy the fest and not be employed by a fest.  In other words, none of our volunteers want to stand at a gate and enforce wrist bands and things like that.  We just want to meet YOU, play tunes with YOU and learn from our musical guests and enjoy the one thing together that certainly holds us in common; music.  Start charging for the fest, and things get a lot more complicated.   
BTW, to be fully transparent, our budget for 2023 is around $7000 (don’t forget, inflation hits everything!)

Now, having said all that…maybe down the road we have to charge, but for now…it is free.  For anyone and everyone.  No strings attached!

So if there  is a catch, it IS that:
(1) We have to charge for camping.  We have a contract with the State of Oklahoma, and we pay them for sites whether we fill them or not.  That is the risk we take, so our camping fees have to cover that contract.
This also means that camping fees are non-refundable.

(2) We nicely ask you for donations, if you so choose.  The more we get, the more we can add.
GreenLeaf Old Time Music Association (GLOTMA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Your donations are tax deductible.
As stated above, we are fully funded for the 2023 artists, but there are a few more things we would love to add if we have a bit more money.
If you would like to donate, you can Venmo to @GLOTMA or Paypal to donate@glotma.org or if you want to send a check or cash then simply email to the same address

(3) We ask everyone to put their best foot forward and help, if not financially, then by helping others, encouraging new players, keeping jams “open”, and taking the time to build a great environment for all.  
Instead of just eating the honey, be part of the hive that makes the honey!


Greenleaf Old Time Music Association works together with Greenleaf DIY LLC to obtain a contract for all of the campgrounds for both the old time music in Deer Run as well as the Bluegrass music on Gobbler Ridge.  We pay one price for all of these amenities, which also allows us to set guidelines in the individual campgrounds.  For example, quiet time enforced by the park is waived.  General park rules such as animals on leashes, no golf carts on road and drug/alcohol usage are still enforced by the park.

Campsites are assigned by the festival.
If you are part of the bluegrass event in Gobbler Ridge, then you are in the wrong place. 
Please see Greenleaf DIY  or email  GreenleafDIYLLC@gmail.com

-Cell Service is rather unpredictable in the festival campground area.  If you go up to the park office you get good cell service and also the park office has wifi that works in the parking lot.
-Generators are not allowed.   All of the RV sites have 20A, 30A and some have 20/30/50A plugs.

-No “quiet time” is enforced in the festival camp areas.
-For a quieter experience in an RV, farther from the main festival site, the Cypress Row campground is suggested.

Note that if you prefer more isolated tent camping away from the festival site, there are many sites.  In this case, book through the travelok.com site  We suggest the “trailhead” tent ground to the south and west of Deer Run (across the road).

Camping rates are as follows:
RV Sites: (four nights required, April 19-22, 2023)
If you come earlier than the 19th then we will give you instructions on how to book those day(s).

RV Sites with full hookups in Deer Run & Playside are now full.  We can still accomodate pop ups in Playside.
RV’s choose from Lake View (LV), Eagle’s Nest (EN), Cypress Row (CR): $108

Tents are $15 each night.  Any number of nights
-For tents that need power for CPAP’s, phone chargers and such, bring a few cords; you should be able to get power from a nearby RV site or from the Pavilion in the middle of Parkside.

See the larger Greenleaf State Park map with all campgrounds here.
Additional but somewhat outdated information can also be found here.

Take a look at the map below and have a location in mind.
Returning festival goers have been given the option to claim the previous year’s site.
As folks commit, this map is updated.


Deer Run Formal RV Sites are now full.....

For additional questions email camp@glotma.org

Camping payment is made to GreenleafDIY LLC (different from glotma)
Venmo @GreenleafDIYLLC
CASH App $GreenleafDIYLLC

PayPal: we prefer not to use due to high transaction fees (3.5-4%)

Check payable to: DIY Music Foundation
Mail To:
DIY Music Foundation
3225 S. Norwood Ave, Suite 200
Tulsa, OK 74135

food and provisions

Festival goers are encouraged to plan ahead with some provisions for meals.

There is a café in the park at the lake marina that is open from 9-7 serving breakfast (eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, etc.), and lunch and dinner (burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc.). If there are customers at closing, the café will stay open later than 7:00 pm.

The marina also has a store that carries many supplies and camping needs, including ice and firewood. Store hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Charcoal grills and picnic tables are situated throughout the campgrounds for your convenience.  

For additional provisions, the town of Gore is only 8 miles away.  You will find Harp’s grocery store to be a well stocked grocery store with a hardware, clothing and bait shop section.  
Gore is a small town, but has a few restaurants.  Clickable links are provided where possible.

  • Gambino’s Pizza (in Gore) is a franchise restaurant and has pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads (call, delivery to Greenleaf may be possible)
  • El Lago Mexican Grill (in Gore)
  • Jimbo’s American Restaurant (in Gore)  Breakfast, lunch, supper
  • Miss Aspen’s Mercantile (in Gore) Fine dining, full menu, American food
  • Sonic Drive In (in Gore) fast food burgers, chicken, malts & shakes
  • Nearby Braggs has an excellent malt shop right on Highway 10. 
  • Muskogee is a quick 30 minutes away and offers a wide variety of restaurants.

Where to find us


The primary GLOTMA event is the multi-day camping and jamming at the Greenleaf State Park in Oklahoma in April of each year.  If you enjoy playing old time music with others there are several regular regional jams that you can connect with.

You can get many opinions of what constitutes “Old Time” music so a few brief words about that.     Most of the Old Time jams in this part of the country consider the tunes and styles of music played in the 200+ years or so leading up to 1939 to constitute “Old Time”.    It is NOT played in the style of bluegrass music (made popular by Bill Monroe in the 1930’s) although some tunes are shared between the two genres.

Every style of music has unique jam etiquette.    What is considered polite may vary from one old time jam to another though it is always a good idea to show up on time, have your instrument in tune with other players, be mindful that the same tune might be played differently by different old time gatherings so listen before playing.    The tunes are almost always instrumental only, without vocals, and acoustic instruments only without amplification.      Most groups are very welcoming and patient.   Use an online search engine to learn more about old time jam etiquette online if that helps you feel more comfortable to approach a new jam group. 

Here are some open jam opportunities (updated January 2023):

1.     Green Country Old Tyme & Contra music jam meets the first and third Thursday of each month in Collinsville OK at the Silver Dollar Café.  This group has a page on Facebook by this name that you can join for reminders of upcoming jams or changes in schedule or location.

2.     The Shiloh Old Time Music jam meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in Springdale AR on the campus of the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in the general store building.  This group has a page on Facebook by this name that you can join for reminders of upcoming jams or changes in schedule or location.
3.     Oklahoma Old Time jam normally meets on the third Sunday evening of each month at the Monastery at Forest Lake (near Edmond OK).  This group has a page on Facebook by this name that you can join for reminders of upcoming jams or changes in schedule or location.

Some online resources you can check out include:
We keep a collection of tunes that we play in the Tulsa area at www.glotma.org/tunes
A list of those tunes by key is on a Google sheets found here

These two resources are highly reliable, excellent sources of tunes:
TaterJoes – A Collection of Old-Time Fiddle Transcriptions, Banjo Tabs, Recordings, Etc. http://www.taterjoes.com/
Penn State Univ – Old Time Fiddle Tunes:   https://www.mne.psu.edu/lamancusa/tunes.html

Other Sources:

Jere Canote Old Time Guitar Tab & Recordings: 

Library of Congress – Fiddle Tunes   https://www.loc.gov/item/2016655239/
North Atlantic Tune List (lots of MP3 downloads):   https://natunelist.net/
https://oldtimetikiparlour.com/  the concert, workshop, jam, film and instructional epicenter for traditional old-time music around Los Angeles and beyond.
https://dla.acaweb.org/digital/search/searchterm/music    Digital Library of all things Appalachian music

https://www.slippery-hill.com     Recordings and audio files of old time tunes and some photos of old time performers.    Lots of MP3 downloads available.
Documentary films:   www.folkstreams.net

Archive of early and old country music:     https://glennscountrymusiccabinet.blogspot.com/

Whereas the Greenleaf Old Time Music Association (a.k.a. GLOTMA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit limited liability corporation in accordance with the state of Oklahoma:

  • No one person or group of persons directly or indirectly part of GLOTMA has any financial gain or interest or ownership in GLOTMA.
  • No one person or group of persons are in themselves singularly GLOTMA, rather only the Greenleaf Old Time Music Association, LLC as an entity.

As this is a free festival, in a public state park in Oklahoma, with all campsites and facilities under the control of the state of Oklahoma, attendees or participants of the Greenleaf Old Time Music festival have paid no financial obligation to GLOTMA in order to participate, and are simply camped or attending with a larger group of people.  Thus, GLOTMA owes no obligation to any one individual who has simply come to attend.

Campsite assignment/costs are part of an agreement with Greenleaf DIY LLC and the State of Oklahoma and are not considered to be payment to be part of the festival.  Clearly, this event has been advertised as free with no strings attached.

If individuals participate at or attend the festival, whether camping onsite or not camping onsite, by their gratis participation in a public place, they do not hold GLOTMA accountable for any liability.  They shall consider themselves as guests of the State of Oklahoma, Greenleaf State Park, and abide by any laws, regulations, guidelines and information supplied by the State of Oklahoma or www.travelok.com

Or..in a few words…not responsible for accidents!